HOCNY2019 - Mass in Blue Day 4

An 8:15 rehearsal call for our second 4 hr rehearsal. Will was with us all morning, encouraging us and helping with those difficult bits. He wore the tartan rosette we had given him on Friday in honour of the Tartan Day Parade. The band joined us mid morning - they were colleagues of Dr Walker and MDs for the school choirs. Kristine Claiborne was an excellent Soprano who had sung MiB on Tuesday in South Carolina. The rehearsal finished sharp (we were so good)

Mary went up to the gallery during the Sanctus and took a quick video. It's on Facebook follow link below.



7 of us took part in the Tartan Day Parade walking 10 blocks of 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) with our Fruin Colqhuoun tartan sashes and rosettes.

Our muster was at 13:30 and we were in Division 1 - 3 group number 17, between New Scotia Ladies and a dance group from Edinburgh. Lots of pipe bands were warming up as we stood waiting for the off. Elaine had a great time with her camera off taking pictures. It was a slow walk up 6th avenue when we finally got going, but the sun was shining (although obscured by the height of the buildings. At the mid point we passed the MC who announced us and gave a plug for the Mass in Blue concert in the Lincoln Centre the following day. At 54th the bus with the Grand Marshall - Sir Billy Connolly was across the avenue and we sung Loch Lomond to him - which we believe he appreciated. Anne says that he gave us the thumbs up once we turned the corner.


6 of us had volunteered for this tour (as if we hadn't done enough in the day).

On Friday we received this message

Hi there,

I hope you receive this e-mail, since I'm not the sharpest turnip in the tool shed and I tend to get my letters a little mixed up. Your my only hope. A very deer friend of mine has been kidnapped. Her name is Delilah and she is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Accept for Big Bird, who is not a person, he is a bird and you may never get to meet him.

Meet me outside the Strand bookstore on the corner of E. 12th and Broadway and lisen for the bird call. That way well know who eachother is. Maybe if im neer all those books i can git my smarts back!



We jumped on the Subway and headed down to Greenwich to meet Crowley at 4 pm. He was an actor who gave us clues to help find the missing Delilah and together with another group of local New Yorkers we found Delilah in a bar after 2 1/2 hours, having walked 3.5 km around Greenwich, visiting parks and buildings we would never have found. We were fortunate having the local girls knowing the area and more often than not we solved the clues - what a team. We did get a good recommendation from the Actors for a Chinese restaurant on 56th street.

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