HOCNY2019 - Mass in Blue Day 3

A free morning and then our first rehearsal at Park Central Hotel (just round the corner on 7th Avenue from our hotel) We had to wear our badges which told us where to sit. We were tiered in height order, so wee ones at the front and Elaine in the back (8th) row.

We were singing with -

Blythewood High School Choral Program; Brookland-Cayce Honors Choir; Dreher High School Concert Choir; Gilbert High School Chorus; Shandon Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir of Columbia; Sumter High Concert Choir; Union United Methodist Church Chancel Choir; University of Dundee Choir; University of South Carolina University Chorus; (all the American choirs were from South Carolina with Music Directors performing Mass in Blue). We had 3.5 hrs of intense rehearsal. Many of the choirs had not sung Mass in Blue previously, but had been well rehearsed. We were told to keep well hydrated and bottles of water were available. We sang the Mass through three times with lots of stops for section revisions.

Will Todd arrived late afternoon. He had been with Dr Alicia Walker in South Carolina performing MIB on Tuesday evening. After the rehearsal he signed half the choirs music - we did that in Helensburgh!

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